The company Vermot Automation was created in 1984, and its original mission was to provide maintenance and industrial troubleshooting, more specifically for bar turning companies.

Vermot Automation quickly set up a design office which enabled it to design systems based on programmable logic controllers.

In 1989, the company launched the mass production of renovation boxes for bar turning, in addition to boxes made to order, for the production of special machines.

In 1993, Vermot Automation launched a camshaft accelerator, with the possibility of headstock speed management (OVAC).

  • 1994 : Establishment of the company in the industrial zone of Valdahon
  • 1998 : Digitization of the doll OVAC PP system
  • 2002 : Synchronous axis scanning OVAC PP + AS system
  • 2009 : RESOVAC software study
  • 2012 : Development of the new MOTION system
  • 2015 : Takeover of the company by Mr Bourgon and Mr Pagnier
  • 2019 : Takeover of the company by Mr Pagnier

Today, Vermot Automation offers a wide range of products that meet productivity and ergonomics requirements :

  • if you want to improve your production

  • if you want to extend the performance of your machines

  • if you want to improve the quality of your production and limit your overhead

  • in short : if you want to remain competitive with your current fleet of machines

Ask us to carry out your projects, put us to the test: we certainly have a solution to offer you.

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