Manage in real time the means of production of subcontracting companies

The project focuses on the development of a connected box and software dedicated to companies active in outsourcing (machining, bar turning, cutting, injection, ….) to give them access to a real-time management of their means of production, at reasonable costs and regardless of the age of their machines. The embedded equipment and software developed in the project can also be used by companies to implement quality control during production, thanks to a suitable business interface.
Expected results
 The project will contribute to the digital transformation of outsourcing companies, allowing them to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market. The consequences are the creation of jobs with high added value as well as a strengthening and diversification of the cross-border industrial fabric, favoring inter-company cooperation.
Switzerland : STEMYS and Haute Ecole Arc
Project dates
from 1st January 2018 to 01st July 2019

Project supported by the Interreg 2014 - 2020