Motion Machine Case

Control system integrating the control of the bar-turning machine and its axes in a single box.

1 product, 4 versions

Machine Motion OVAC

Optimised camshaft speed, saving time.

Machine Motion OVAC VP

Headstock speed control.

Machine Motion OVAC PP

Headstock positioning (PP): Speed control and positioning of the headstock with programmable stop to 1/10 of a degree..

Machine Motion OVAC PP + AS

Digital management of synchronous axes, tools synchronised with the bar to produce a flat or thread, without stopping the headstock, saving time.

Adaptive, comprehensive and scalable solution.

Thanks to OVAC technology, you can control the direction and speed of the camshaft, improving productivity by an average of 30%.

This box can be customised and upgraded to suit your needs.

The Motion range includes a touch screen for :

  • Control: start/stop of camshaft, headstock, etc.
  • Programming, with the option of saving up to 10 programs.
  • Real-time production monitoring: number of parts produced, machine status, etc.

Our expertise is at your service before and after installation.

décolleteuse OVAC Vermot Automation Motion
système OVAC

Possible Developments

Your product can be upgraded in the following ways :


Option Ordering Bucket separator

Separator control with addition of new programs.

Examples: Sample and production management, possibility of stopping the machine after a complete turn.

Motorisation and Control Option

Motorisation of equipment incorporating motor control (on/off management). Can be upgraded by adding motor speed control.

For 12U, 13Y, 32AA and APU units.

Option Simple Stop

Controls headstock locking for drilling or milling.

Button Box Option

Installation of control buttons on the screw-cutting mac

Option Magic Cannon

Controls the opening of the barrel to facilitate the passage of the bar.

Option USB

Management of programme back-ups, transfer of programmes to another bar-turning machine.

Option Auxiliary Relays

Addition of new control options on the machine, such as solenoid valves, probes, etc.

Option Illuminated Collumm 

Two, three and four colors. 

Option Communication 

Transfer of your production data (number of parts, machine status, etc.) to your ERP software.

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