Cutting tool tracking

New Micronora 2018 :

Vermot Automation, a player in the development of solutions to pilot workshops (MES and SPC) today presents an innovative solution for the cutting sector :

« MyToolConnect by Vermot-Automation ».

The benefits of this solution for your tools:

  • Master the life cycle of your tools in real time

  • Monitor wear and obsolescence

  • Optimizing the overall cost of maintenance

  • Improve operational performance (TRS, good the first time)

  • Control your investments

MyToolConnect provides real-time sharing of configurable information, through a secure web interface, about the level of use and obsolescence of your tools.

You will be able to communicate transparently and calmly, internally and externally, in order to ensure and maintain a good level of service in your cutting workshops.

More specifically, the MyToolConnect application offers you the possibility of monitoring the wear and tear of the active parts of your cutting tools, knowing and better controlling your overall maintenance costs (spare parts, subcontracting, labor) and finally monitor the operational performance level of the tool-press couple (TRS).

MyToolConnect will provide you with all the useful information to help you make decisions to ensure a good return on your investments.

The geolocation principle managed by MyToolConnect allows you to connect your tools and know, in real time, their locations in production, maintenance or stores.

Unlike the systems available on the market, this solution is dedicated to cutting. It was co-developed in partnership with Cryla, a Franc-Comtoise company, whose technological expertise in the cutting of micromechanical parts is recognized by the aeronautical and medical industry.

This application is fully in line with the approach targeted by Industry 4.0. It can be configured according to your particularities.


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