Super Telebar Motion

Control cabinet integrating in a single box, thanks to a latest generation motion controller, the control of the new or original Tornos super telescopic bar feeder, as well as the bar turning machine and its axes.

Its color touch screen allows a modern and efficient man / machine dialogue.



For Tornos original Super Telebar feeder control

  • It removes and replaces the original control box

  • It replaces the end of bar and fall safety micro-switches with inductive sensors

  • It exchanges the limit switches of the bar feeder with proximity sensors

  • It replaces the thrust motor with an asynchronous motor and variator with fine thrust and micro-vibrations.

Options :

  • Counting motor replacement by brushless motor
  • Electronic axis control crank


For new super telbar bar feeder control

  • Movement control by inductive sensors

  • Bruschless counting motor

  • Electronic axis control crank

  • Asynchronous thrust motor and variator with fine thrust and microvibrations.


  • It authorizes :

  • Removal and replacement of the original control box
  • The control of the different parts of the bar turning machine: Retractable stop, bucket or chip separator, tool control, etc.
  • The configuration in the controller of any system participating in the execution of the current part.

This command can receive the different machine axis management options :

  • It authorizes :

  • Direction and speed management of the camshaft
  • Headstock speed management
  • Speed ​​management and indexed positioning of the headstock
  • Digital management of indexed synchronous axes
  • C axis management
  • Auxiliary relays
  • Communication by WiFi or wired machine with PC
  • Assistance in production (parts produced, management of tool sharpening, etc.)