Motorization of Appliances

Motorization of Appliances : piercers, tappers, polygoners, swirlers, or Multi motorization

In order to simplify and improve the use of cam turning machines, Vermot Automation has for several years been developing the motorization of devices (piercers, tappers, polygon makers, swirlers, etc.).

Advantage :

  • Removal of drive belts from the base shaft

  • Ability to remove the base shaft by motorizing the various devices, including the oil pump

  • By motorizing the tappers (12U *, 13Y, 13G, 13D, etc.) allows the removal of tapping / tapping cams as well as their tapping control systems. The operator then just needs to adjust the counting and spindle advance cams.

  • The synchronization of polygamists allows them :

Different reports in the execution of a piece

To use the maximum speed of the headstock whatever the synchro ratio

-The removal of the mechanical stress of the polygoner on the headstock.

All these motors can be installed either independently of the machine control or integrated into a Motion control controlled by the motion controller via the touch screen.

*By motorizing the 12U it becomes tapping.

Tappers / Piercers, Polygoners, Whirlers

  • 14CA
  • 20QB